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Comprehensive Guidelines

The vibrant festivities of Christmas, marked by radiant lights and the fragrant allure of fresh pine, eventually give way to the onset of the New Year. As the echoes of carols fade, the pressing concern for many residents remains: How to responsibly dispose of their Christmas trees in Bradford? Ensuring an eco-conscious approach to disposal aligns with the district’s commitment to environmental well-being.

Bradford Council’s Directive

With the significance of Twelfth Night, a Christian tradition dating back to the 4th century, it becomes paramount for residents to address the disposal of their festive adornments.

Bradford Council, ever diligent, offers clear guidance for this seasonal transition:

“Are you looking to dispose of your Christmas tree? You can take your Christmas tree to any of our eight Household Waste Recycling Centres to be disposed of or, if you have a garden waste subscription, you can put this in your garden waste bin ready for your next collection.”

Bradford christmas tree disposal guidelines

Household Waste Recycling Centres: Your Disposal Destinations

Residents have the flexibility of choosing from a range of conveniently located centres across Bradford:

  1. Bowling Back Lane, Bradford
  2. Dealburn Road, Low Moor
  3. Dowley Gap, Bingley
  4. Ford Hill, Queensbury
  5. Golden Butts, Ilkley
  6. Midland Road, Manningham
  7. Sugden End, Keighley

These centres stand as pillars of sustainable disposal, equipped to handle the influx of trees post-festivities.

Garden Waste Subscription: An Alternative Avenue

For those with an active garden waste subscription, an added avenue of disposal presents itself. Utilizing your garden waste bin, already earmarked for collection, streamlines the process, ensuring your tree is repurposed or composted effectively.


Bradford Council’s proactive approach underscores the district’s dedication to environmental commitment. By adhering to the outlined guidelines, residents can navigate the post-holiday phase with ease, ensuring their trees find a purposeful end. As we embrace a sustainable mindset, Bradford shines as a beacon of responsible community living.