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Expert Tree Pruning services

Tree pruning is a specialist service with various techniques, such as Deadwooding, Crown Thinning, and Lifting. Each technique enhances the tree’s health, structure, and overall well-being. Together, these services contribute to the vitality and aesthetics of the tree, ensuring it thrives in its environment. Our dedicated team has been perfecting their pruning expertise for over 20 years, making us the top choice for a trusted tree surgeon in Surrey.


Our approach to tree care is tailored to the unique characteristics of each tree, taking into account factors such as shape, size, condition, and species and seasonality.


  • Shape: Understanding and respecting the natural form of the tree.
  • Size: Adapting pruning techniques based on the tree’s size and growth patterns.
  • Condition: Assessing the health and specific needs of the tree.
  • Species: Recognizing the unique traits and requirements of different tree species.
  • Season: Certain species must be pruned in the summer/winter to avoid damage.

Addressing Diseased, Damaged, and Dead Branches

  • Pruning Back to the Branch Collar: For diseased, damaged, or dead branches, we prune back to the branch collar, promoting optimal healing and reducing the risk of infection.
  • Managing Crossed Branches: We address crossed branches by either removing or pruning them to prevent further contact, all while preserving the tree’s natural shape.