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Removing Unwanted Tree Stumps

Here at Tree Ninjas we specialise in efficient tree stump removal. We recognise the importance of reclaiming garden space and mitigating the hazards associated with tree stumps. Our NPTC-qualified staff use specialist techniques and equipment to ensure work is done safely and the site is left clean and tidy and we prioritise safe removal practices.

With our efficient stump removal services, we ensure stump-free ground, perfect for diverse landscaping needs such as flowerbeds, lawn expansion or even extensions. This process not only eliminates trip hazards but also curtails the growth of new shoots, reducing nutrient competition and preserving the health of surrounding plants and structures. Need a quote? view our comprehensive services in Surrey.

Specialised Equipment and Skilled Operators

There are a few different methods for removing a stump:

  • Digging Out The Stump Is a Labor-intensive method that May not be suitable for stumps with large and deep roots.
  • Burning The Stump Safety concerns associated – Potential legal restrictions against open fires in specific areas.
  • Chemical Stump Remover Is not environmentally friendly. Requires keeping children and animals away from the treated stump.
  • The Stump Grinder is Widely recognized as the most effective and commonly used method by tree surgeons.

Tree Ninjas are trained with specialized tools, particularly tree stump grinders. This ensures the safe and affordable removal of numerous tree stumps. Our process involves grinding below ground level, and generating aerated mulch. The benefits of aerated mulch include seamlessly filling the hole left behind with minimal disturbance to the surroundings.

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Benefits of Stump Removal

Remove Eyesores in the Garden

Aesthetic issues that affect the overall beauty of your outdoor space.

Clear Safety Hazards

Potential damage to garden equipment and risks during routine lawn maintenance.

Get Rid Of Pests and Diseases

Stumps can serve as shelters for rodents and insects, posing a risk of disease spread.

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