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Felling Trees Safely and Efficiently

We specialise in providing a comprehensive felling & removal service In Surrey and surrounding areas, including Tree Felling and Removal. This may be needed if the tree is diseased, the result of storm damage, or its position as it has grown has now become an issue. In cases of storm damage, effective pruning may suffice, but when the damage is extensive or poses a safety risk to nearby structures or pedestrians, complete tree removal becomes essential.

Willow trees, in particular, are often culprits in causing subsidence. Additionally, tall trees in clay soil may contribute to subsidence due to excessive moisture consumption. Trees such as Oaks, Poplars, and Horse Chestnuts can become problematic if situated too close to properties. Felling may be the only solution to mitigate potential issues in such cases.

With extensive experience in tree felling accumulated over the years, we begin our process by conducting a thorough survey of the area, which allows us to determine the most appropriate course of action. If pruning proves insufficient, our next step is to safely and skilfully cut down the trees. Our approach ensures that the process lessens or avoids any potential damage to the surrounding area.

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Common Questions Asked

While not mandatory, it’s advisable to hire insured tree surgeons to ensure coverage for any unforeseen incidents during removal services.

Regular inspections, ideally annually, help identify issues early. Factors like tree age and local conditions may influence the frequency.

Yes, specific regulations exist. We can guide you through them and ensure compliance with local tree care regulations.

Contact us immediately for emergency tree services. Our team is ready to respond promptly to mitigate risks.

Signs include visible decay, dead branches, leaning, or sudden changes in appearance. If in doubt, consult a professional tree surgeon.

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Testimonials From Happy Clients

Absolutely thrilled with the tree felling service provided by Christian and the team! Precision and expertise were on full display as they brought down the giants in my yard.

– Ryan

Exceptional service! The task was executed with utmost precision and quality. Totally recommend these folks!

– Josh

Tree Maintenance and Removal Services

As trees age and mature, improper maintenance can pose hazards and potential dangers. Their unchecked growth may result in excessive size, obstructing light due to height and blocking access to your property. Proper and timely maintenance is crucial to prevent these issues and ensure the safety and aesthetics of the surrounding environment.

The benefits of felling and removing a tree:

  • More Natural Light: Enhance brightness by clearing space for sunlight.
  • Enhanced Public/Family Safety: Mitigate hazards for the community’s safety and protect loved ones.
  • Improved Access: Create better property and garden accessibility.
  • Reduced Subsidence Risk: Minimise foundation issues for a stable property.
  • Eliminate Dead or Diseased Trees: Ensure safety by removing compromised trees.

Signs that indicate tree removal may be necessary:

  • Damaged or diseased trees
  • Dead trees
  • Leaning trees

At Tree Ninjas, we provide professional tree maintenance and removal services executed by highly trained and skilled arborists. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions to meet the needs of our clients with expertise and professionalism.

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